33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (2024)

Supper. How many times have you walked round your local store with no clue as to what you’re going to prepare later on in the day? I know it happens to me all too frequently. So, with this in mind, I decided to put together a list of easy vegan dinner recipes to give myself (and you) some inspiration.

Bookmark this post to review before you head out for groceries and it’ll help you create something delicious without wasting precious brain energy. Plus, it might also stop some unwanted products entering your basket, too. Bonus!

Let’s get straight into recipe number one!

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (1)

If I told you that you could grill up a vegan alternative to a shredded pork barbecue sandwich, would you believe me? On her blog, Emilie Eats, 20 year old Emilie shares recipes that are sure to soothe the palate of even the most particular eater, including this one featuring jackfruit.

Native to Asia, fresh jackfruit isn’t found readily in the States, apart from Hawai’i, however, canned jackfruit is available online or at Trader Joe’s. Once cooked and shredded it looks amazingly like shredded pork and is satisfyingly savory and juicy!

I love this filling inside toasted bread, which can be made in any good sandwich maker (check out our best panini press reviews if you don’t already have one).



Basil Avocado Pasta

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (2)

I LOVE pasta and there are some evenings where I crave nothing but a good old-fashioned pasta dish. Hayley from Nourish Your Glow provides a simple and light variation featuring one of the most versatile and healthy fruits around; avocado.

Blended into a creamy sauce that can rival the best alfredo, avocado makes for a perfect base in this recipe.


Tomato & Basil Quinoa Risotto

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (3)

On her blog, Beauty Bites, Stella offers unique, quick-and-easy recipes that are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and all delicious and super healthy!

Packed with protein, vitamins, and amino acids, quinoa is a staple that every health buff needs, and this recipe is a fantastic way to incorporate it into your diet. In addition to being super healthy, this recipe is both filling tasty. It also includes an array of vegetables to add color to your plate, which is always welcome.

Go check it out for yourself!

Tomato & Roast Vegetable Pasta Bake

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (4)

As I mentioned before, I LOVE pasta. So easy to prepare, it can be incorporated into almost any kind of dish. Plus, it’s filling and especially good in a pinch.

Jacqueline Meldrum has created a recipe on Tinned Tomatoes that takes this kitchen staple to a whole new level, though. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

While this dish may take a little longer to prepare than other pasta dishes, roasted vegetables and tomato-soaked penne sounds just too good to pass up. Honestly, you’ll want to make this as soon as you see it.


Sticky Sesame Cauliflower

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (5)

Featured on the Today Show, CNN, Dr. Oz, and other media, Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie has been showing vegans just how sweet a meat-free diet can be.

This recipe almost had me completely fooled; what I thought was a photo of sesame chicken was actually cauliflower drenched in a sesame seed soy sauce. Garnished with scallions, this recipe is so gooey-ly good you’ll never look the same way at cauliflower again.

I reckon it’d play a perfect part in a vegan Buddha bowl recipe, too. Check it out now!

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (6)

Hailing from Lazy Cat Kitchen and inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, Greek blogger Ania has the perfect remedy for a cold day when all you want is a simple, hot meal to warm you up.

Her Moroccan based chickpea stew packs a punch with its savory mixture of legumes, tomato sauce, and spices. Chickpeas, like other legumes, are full of key vitamins and minerals, which makes them an essential part of any vegan’s diet.

They’re high in both fiber and protein, too, so you’re sure to receive a healthy boost to your system with this recipe…as well as a full stomach, of course.


Spanish Beans in Tomato Sauce

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (7)

Another great legume based recipe, Spanish beans and tomatoes is a rich, flavorful, and easy way to create a hearty dish without having to worry about meaty additions.

Kate Hackworthy is an award winning blogger who prepared this dish for Veggie Desserts and includes testimonies from her readers that complement this recipe’s simple preparation and complexity of flavors. Go check it out for yourself now.


Veggie Sausage & Sun-Dried Tomato One-Pot Pasta

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (8)

Did I mention I love pasta?

This recipe from Kate of The Veg Space does include veggie sausage but, quite honestly, the meal looks good enough to go without it, should you decide.

Using the one-pot method, which is trending at the moment, this meal is cooked by adding all of your ingredients together in one vessel and just letting it do its thing – how simple is that?

The water used becomes an aromatic stock infused with the flavors of the tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients used for this recipe, and let me tell you, it is delicious!


Thai Coconut Vegetable Curry

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (9)

If there’s one thing I love more than pasta, it’s coconut (see my mammoth guide to coconut if you don’t believe me!), and this recipe from The Kitchen Girl gives it an exotic spin with a pinch of comfort food.

Author Traci Antonovich explains how, in just thirty minutes, you can enjoy a meal that’s full of flavor down to the last morsel, and the best part is you can be flexible with the ingredient list.

Perfect! Simply pick and choose your items to create a taste that’s just right for you.


Spicy Vegan Jambalaya

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (10)

Another simple meal to prepare, and just as tasty, is this recipe by Jessie on Life as a Strawberry.

Rice serves as the platform on which the vegetables lie in this dish, with smoked paprika and other spicy additions like jalapeños and hot sauce providing the kick.

However, for those of you who prefer milder meals, this versatile recipe allows some breathing room so you can personalize things to your taste without compromising on flavor. Go check it out!


Vegetarian Pizza Quesadilla

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (11)

Quesadillas are super easy to make and super delicious, too, which makes them great as main courses or hors d’oeuvres. And, of course, everyone loves pizza, so what could be better than to combine the two?

To say this recipe can be prepared by anyone is no exaggeration; it’s that easy, and Grace Hall at her Eats Amazing blog even includes step-by-step pictures to help. Just remember, vegans, this recipe is vegetarian, so you’ll need to switch up that cheddar for your own favorite vegan cheese recipe.

With ingredients that won’t break the bank and a minimal cook time, this is definitely one recipe you’ll want to add to your repertoire.


Butternut Squash with Sage & Chickpea Stuffing

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (12)

I was wary of trying squash at first, simply because I hadn’t had much exposure to it. But when I did, I couldn’t stay away. The succulent, buttery-nut taste quickly won me over and now I seek it out whenever I can.

Louise at Poppy and the Bees has created a recipe that will please any fellow squash lover with its complexity of flavors and its unique presentation. Served in the squash’s own shell, the chickpea and Bulghar wheat stuffing complements the squash’s natural flavors, while the sage and spices add a holiday appropriate accent.

Chili Sin Carne

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (13)

There’s nothing quite like a good chili but most recipes call for beef or pork, and they’re never going to make this list!

Aimee atWallflower Kitchen, however, provides a truly simple vegan recipe, complete with all the mouth-watering spicy goodness you’d expect, but without the meat. Plus, with 25 grams of protein, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re giving your body what it craves and needs.

A video tutorial is included on the page for clarification and ease of use. Go take a look!


Coconut Curry Ramen with Marinated Mushrooms

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (14)

Mmmmm…coconut. Thank you, Lauren Caris Cooks.

Having had my fair share of instant ramen noodles in college I can safely say they’ve been imprinted on my diet, although the ramen I had in college can no way compare to the quality fare this recipe provides.

Complementing the creamy nature of this meal are mushrooms which, by themselves, add a pleasant aroma, but with this marinade, and combined with the ornate accents of the coconut curry, they bring a flavor unsurpassed. You’ll want to make this dish straight away!


Red Lentil Dhal

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (15)

Once more from the blog of Kate Hackworthy (Veggie Desserts) is this recipe featuring red lentils;another super healthy legume full of protein that is able to satisfy the heaviest appetite.

Adaptable to suit your tastes, this recipe takes only 30 minutes to prepare, is packed full of flavor, and pairs well with rice or naan bread, which is perfect for absorbing the rich, saucy broth.

Get ready for a taste sensation!


Tomato, Basil, and Chickpea Salad

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (16)

So far we’ve gone over the hearty, the savory, and the rich and bold, but what about the refreshing, light, and crisp?

Stella at Beauty Bites offers one such recipe that is as unique as it is satisfying. Being healthy and antioxidant-rich are reason enough to love this salad without mentioning the party of flavors and textures you’ll have in your mouth as crunch meets soft and sweet.


Yasai Chilli Mein

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (17)

Meanwhile, back at Lazy Cat Kitchen, Ania has whipped up an Asian-style stir fry with soba noodles and fresh vegetables.

Thinly sliced lemongrass adds a floral aroma to this oriental dish that boasts subtle flavors and just enough spice to tickle your taste buds. As with many of these recipes, simple and easy is the way to go, making this meal a must-try.


Spiced Red Lentil and Root Vegetable Soup

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (18)

Cold weather often brings cravings of comfort food, and one recipe to sate that kind of hunger is found or Hannah’s awesomeDomestic Gothess page.

A hand blender is required to complete the cooking process, but that’s a minor bit of effort when you have a creamy, sweet and spicy mouthful waiting at the end. Pair this dreamy creamy soup with toasted sourdough and be prepared to follow this meal with a nap by the fire.

You can also freeze the leftovers…if you have any, that is!


Vegan Teriyaki Bowl

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (19)

On her blog, Vegan Gretchen, the namesake chef includes a recipe with teriyaki sauce and tofu that is delightfully tasteful and, as always, easy to make.

By broiling the tofu, its natural sponginess is replaced with a crispy outer layer that Gretchen claims is ideal for those new to tofu…and I have to agree!

While the recipe calls for broccoli florets punctuated with sesame seeds and cilantro, I’m sure that adding additional vegetables and toppings is not out of the question, but Gretchen’s bowl is a delight as it is.


1-Hour Shepherd’s Pie

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (20)

Normally, Shepherd’s Pie contains beef but lentils serve as a satisfactory alternative in this recipe from Dana of Minimalist Baker fame.

With just nine ingredients, and taking but an hour to prepare, this hearty meal is perfect for wintry family meals and holidays. A comfort food in its own right, this recipe hits the jackpot in all qualifying areas: savory, filling, and infused with a simple blend of fresh herbs.

This is so delicious, it’s best eaten with a shovel. Just kidding! But seriously, you will want a big spoon for this beauty.


Bean Sprout Stir Fry

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (21)

Elizabeth is the writer on The Lazy Broccoli, and she has a recipe for bean sprouts that had me excited from the very first moment I clicked through to it.

Crunchy, light, and just plain good for you, bean sprouts are amongst my favorite toppings in Asian cuisine, so to try them in this fashion was oh so appealing. Garlic, sprouts, soy sauce, and vegetable oil are the only ingredients in this simple recipe but tofu or tempeh can be added to it if you want a little more substance.

Serve over a bed of rice for a quick, easy, tasty dinner recipe to die for.

Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (22)

Who doesn’t love mac ‘n’ cheese? Come on.

This vegan recipe by Michelle Blackwood from Healthier Steps promotes an interesting blend of ingredients that will keep your macaroni cheesy and creamy without sacrificing flavor.

Cashews and coconut milk are the prominent factors here, while a little spice and garnish give just enough oomph to make this macaroni recipe a bona fide contender to the original stuff we all grew up with.

Savory Lentil and Bean Stew

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (23)

We return to the Tinned Tomatoes for another installment from Jacqueline (I can’t get enough of her blog!).

Here, she shares her recipe for a filling stew using tinned lentils and beans. While dried beans are perfectly acceptable to use, she recommends the tinned variety for their quality and how they contribute to the gravy…not to mention their ease of use.

Healthy and hearty and full of vegetables, this hot meal would rank highly on anyone’s stew list.


Vegan Lentil Loaf

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (24)

“Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf. I hate meatloaf”. Well, do l have a solution for you!

This recipe for lentil loaf was perfected over a few weeks by Marina of Yummy Mummy Kitchen. An inexpensive and fiber rich alternative, lentils give this dish a ‘meaty’ texture that fills you up while you reminisce about all those childhood days dreading the real thing.

Other vegetables and breadcrumbs give the mixture volume and add to the overall flavor. Fantastic!

Vegan Pad Thai

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (25)

Returning once again to Lazy Cat Kitchen (another blog I’m slightly addicted to), we find a recipe from Ania that brings a familiar, yet exotic, cuisine to the table.

Pad Thai is naturally easy to make as a vegetarian or vegan meal, but Ania’s recipe boasts a plethora of sumptuous ingredients. The inclusion of a fish-based (without the fish) sauce rounds out this recipe, bringing all the flavors nicely together.

This is one you most definitely need to try.


Bruschetta Mashed Chickpeas

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (26)

Bruschetta is one of my favorite simple dishes, but Stella’s recipe puts a whole new twist on this popular antipasto which makes it hearty enough for a main course.

A blend of Italian herbs and greens are combined with softened chickpeas accented by hints of garlic and lemon. Spread it over a crispy, whole grain baguette to complete this must try meal!

Vegan Mongolian Beef

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (27)

Connoisseurus Veg is a fun blog created by Alissa and one of her recipes is a spin on a tasty Mongolian treat that’s perfect for when you’re craving a good stir fry.

Drenched in a savory soy sauce and highlighted with crispy vegetables, this recipe is difficult to pass up. However, the main ingredient is seitan, a wheat-based meat alternative, so if you’re looking for something gluten-free, you may want to adjust this recipe accordingly.

If you’re okay with seitan recipes, though, this is one dish you’ll return to time after time.

Loaded Black Beans and Rice

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (28)

Mother and daughter team, Linda and Alex, created their blog Veganosity together and one recipe that really stood out is their loaded black beans and rice.

While beans and rice is a healthy yet arguably basic meal to prepare and eat, the beauty of this recipe is in its versatility and presentation. Add crispy vegetables to the mix to counter the soft beans and you’re looking at a quick meal that satisfies both taste and texture cravings. Amazing!

Mexican Street Corn & Potato Casserole

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (29)

Florian is our first male cook of the day, bringing to the table his corn potato casserole.

Hearty potatoes bathe in a gooey, creamy vegan sauce while a topping of crisp vegetables and roasted corn adds an oh-so delectable crunch that will leave your stomach groaning for more!

Surprisingly light and out of the oven in twenty minutes, this culinary concoction sounds like the perfect meal to impress at your next pot-luck!


Garlic Pasta & Roasted Cajun Cauliflower

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (30)

Who knew that cauliflower was so adaptable?

As a topping over pasta in this meal, the spiced cauliflower crisped with breadcrumbs adds a crunchy element that Richa from Vegan Richa claims pairs perfectly well with her creamy garlic sauce…and she’s right!

Inspired by a similar chicken pasta dish, this vegan alternative is sure to win you over with its peppery, creamy goodness.

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Gnocchi

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (31)

As days get colder and we crave more comfort foods, Rhian from Rhian’s Recipes offers a sweet and simple gnocchi meal that will warm you up and make you feel cozy inside.

A dash of cayenne pepper to accent the sweetened red pepper sauce, a hint of lemon, and the colorful bitterness of kalamata olives create an alluring blend of flavors, all soaked up by the soft and chewy gnocchi.

Put this on your list of to-dos.

Greek Chickpeas on Toast

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (32)

As I mentioned above, I can’t seem to get enough of Lazy Cat Kitchen.

This recipe featuring chickpeas is deliciously decadent and, again, takes very little time to make. Swimming in a spiced tomato sauce, the chickpeas are cooked and laid over crispy sourdough bread, though I’m sure any kind of toast will suffice.

Ania’s testimony regarding the harmonious blend of soft and crunchy textures is making my mouth water!


Cheesy Vegan Zoodles

33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (33)

Finally we visit Deryn’s blog, Running on Real Food, where her cheesy zoodles take up residence.

What’s a zoodle? A zucchini cut into noodles, of course! Deryn takes a zucchini and uses a spiralizer to make these vitamin-packed veggie noodles, making her dish look remarkably like regular pasta.

Combined with a savory, nutty sauce derived from vegetable stock, nutritional yeast, and crunchy red peppers, this veg-tastic meal is low on calories and high on flavor. What a way to end this post!


How’s that for a list of vegan dinner recipes?

I hope you liked that roundup as much as Ienjoyed putting it together for you. As ever, if you know of a recipe that should of made the cut, let me know in the comments section below.

I’m off to cook!

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33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (34)

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Back then, too many sites seem to either concentrate solely on recipes or be too intimidating or inaccessible for the v-curious, and she wanted to change that. The landscape is certainly a whole lot different now!

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33 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes: Fuss-Free Food (2024)
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