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Bluestacks full download here which is a program of the American technology company. This company has produced a bluestacks app player and many other platforms that are based on the cloud. Bluestacks app download for pc which is used for running android apps on the PC of the users. You can get bluestacks 4 64 bit download or 32 bit.

Download Free BlueStacks | Overview

There are different versions of bluestacks offline installer but its latest version is BlueStacks App Player It is a higher rated program and is used widely across the world. The license of the program is free.

Bluestacks Download For Pc Windows 7 (1)

Bluestacks filehippo is easily available on the website for using the features of this program. There are over 200 million users of this program and are using its feature frequently. Bluestacks 4 offline installer was founded in 2011 for giving the easier platforms to users to play on PC.

Features of Bluestacks app player for windows 10

Download bluestacks for windows 7 32 bit or 64 Bit is widely used due to the notable and essential features that make it most common in the various fields of the markets. Bluestacks is free gives easy access to the users for using the mobile apps on the windows PC. There are options of downloading apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and many others easily through the use of this program.

Bluestacks softonic provides an attractive platform to see or use applications on the full screen of the PC. free bluestacks android emulator is the only Android emulator for PC. It is highly supported by the investment with Intel, Samsung, and AMD.

There is an improved and new key mapping feature. This option helps the users for controlling the games with a keyboard and mouse faster. Download bluestacks for windows 10 which is completely redesigned to offers all efficient features of the program. There is almost six times faster options for playing games from android to windows PC.

Bluestacks pc windows 10 helps to wait long for loading games now it quickly moves into new games with ease. Proper control over the management of the games and providing a bigger screen is become possible only by the use of this software. it removes the errors of the wrong touch on the screen and gives a good experience to the users easily.

Importance of Bluestacks Download for pc windows 7

There is a great importance of Bluestack for windows 7 the software industry due to its remarkable features. It provides the platform of creating a virtual device which can easily manage from the menu option of the program. Bluestacks installer for windows 10 provides the quick and faster platform for downloading the various applications on the PC.

Windows is quite easy to use and makes a proper set up of this program on the PC. It means that it is easy for all even of the user has no experience on it or any other before. There is careful strategies used for improved working of the users and enhanced the experiences of the users. it has the amazing graphical quality to work effectively or enjoying its features with ease.

Requirements of BlueStacks

There are few requirements that system has to fulfill before to install or download this software. the operating system should have the windows of 7, 8, and 10. The processor of the operating system must be Intel or AMD processor. The memory space of the operating system should have enough space as at least 2 GB RAM. The hard disk of the OS is 5 GB required for using or installing this software.


Download BlueStacks (Latest Version) from here. Bluestacks is one of the most used Android emulators nowadays. In this post, you can directly download the latest version of Bluestacks and install it on your PC. Find out how from the guide we have shared below.

Use Android apps on PC using BlueStacks App Player. Android devices are the most widely used smartphones in the world. Majority of people prefer Android OS over the other operating systems available due to the vast functionality of Android devices. Android users are provided with numerous apps such as games, educational apps, data management apps, etc.

Also, most of the apps are free to download and use. But, most of these apps are not available for the PC users. And while playing games on the Android devices, it becomes inconvenient to use each and every control comfortably. To fix these Android conflict, one can make use of Android emulators.

Using Android emulators, one can use all the apps which are available for Android users on their PC. Gamers can also use the mouse and the keyboard as the controls while playing games for Android users on their PC. Talking about Android emulators, it is extremely important to have one of the best Android Emulator to prevent any inconvenience. ‘BlueStacks’ is one of the best Android emulators which one can have to make use of maximum features. However, your PC/laptop has to meet some of the basic requirements in order to run BlueStacks Android emulator on it. These requirements are listed below.

Bluestacks was founded by Rosen Sharma, Jay Vaishnav, and Suman Saraf. The headquarters is located in Campbell, California, United States. This app is serving people worldwide and that’s what makes it the most popular in the tech industry.


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Bluestacks System Requirements

  1. 4GB HDD space should be vacant.
  2. A minimum of 2GB RAM should be available.
  3. Internet connectivity.
  4. A graphics card to enhance the user experience.

Download Bluestacks

Bluestacks Download For Pc Windows 7 (2)

The steps required to download and install Bluestacks on your PC/laptop are listed below:

Download Bluestacks App

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your PC/laptop and go to “” this website. Here, you will find an option to download BlueStacks. Click on it to download the required files.

Bluestacks 2 Download And Install

Note: At you will also find the same link, Thus you can also choose to download bluestacks from our site.

Step 2- As soon as the files are downloaded, head over to the ‘Downloads’ folder and double left-click on the file to begin installing BlueStacks on your PC/laptop.

Step 3- On the dialog box which appears on your screen, click on ‘Agree’ to go ahead with the installation Bluestacks on your PC/laptop.

Step 4- Now, follow the dialog boxes which appear one after another and keep selecting ‘Next’ till an ‘Install’ option appears in one of the dialog boxes.

Step 5- Once you click on ‘Install,’ the final stage of installation will be initiated, and soon a shortcut will appear on the home screen of your PC/laptop.

Bluestacks Download For Pc Windows 7

You can use this shortcut for quickly accessing BlueStacks on your PC/laptop. This is all you need to do for downloading and installing BlueStacks on your PC easily.

This is the process of downloading the latest version of BlueStacks on your PC/laptop. However, the developers of BlueStacks keep updating the software frequently, thus you should bookmark our page to download the latest version as soon as it gets launched. Many new features have been added in the latest versions, and many bugs have been fixed. If your PC/laptop is unable to run BlueStacks 4(The latest version), then you can try using BlueStacks 1, 2 or 3 whose downloading and installing process is almost the same.


⬇️How to download BlueStacks for PC?

Downloading BlueStacks for your computer is straightforward. Just follow the steps below:
1. Visit
2. On this page, you will find a download button.
3. Click on the download and will automatically download the installer into your computer.
The file will be saved on your computer. Depending on your download settings, this is usually found on the Downloads folder of your computer

❓How to download Android games on PC without BlueStacks?

Unfortunately, you cannot download and run your favorite Android games on your PC without installing emulators like BlueStacks. While you could share files between your Windows PC and your Android device, sharing software like games isn’t that straightforward. Your PC and Android device run on two different operating systems which is why you need emulators like BlueStacks to installed on your PC to play your Android games.


The downloading and installing is now simpler with Bluestacks 4. If you have any queries regarding the downloading process or any other query regarding BlueStacks, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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Can I download BlueStacks on Windows 7? ›

You can install BlueStacks in Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as on Mac, with just a few clicks. Here are the steps to download and install BlueStacks on PC: Go to and click on “Download BlueStacks” to get the latest version of our app player; Launch the installer once it's done downloading.

Can BlueStacks run on Windows 7 64-bit? ›

You can run Android 64-bit games and apps on your PC by installing BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit directly from our website. This article will guide you on how to install BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit, without needing to first install the Nougat 32-bit version.

How can I install BlueStacks 5 on Windows 7? ›

Luckily for you, installing BlueStacks 5 is very simple and only takes a few steps: Go to our website and download the BlueStacks 5 installer. Run the installer and let it work its magic. When it's finished, BlueStacks 5 will launch automatically and you'll be taken to the home screen once it loads.

Is BlueStacks free for PC? ›

Yes, the Android Emulator is free to download. Although there is a paid version as well, however, that doesn't affect the gaming experience in any way.

Can I run BlueStacks 5 on 2gb RAM? ›

Each instance of BlueStacks, which includes the main instance, requires at least 1 processor core and 2 GB of RAM. As a minimum, you want at least 1 processor core and 4GB of RAM to keep your operating system up and running.

Can BlueStacks run on Windows 7 32-bit? ›

Once you know your Windows version (32-bit or 64-bit), you can accordingly download and install the latest version of BlueStacks compatible with your PC. Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Is 8GB RAM enough for BlueStacks? ›

Is 8GB RAM enough for BlueStacks? Yes it is. 8GB of RAM is sufficient for running Bluestacks 4. I used to have 4GB RAM but after upgrading to 8 GB, it is running very smoothly , iam able to play many compatible games and use social media and other editing apps also.

Does BlueStacks 5 work on Windows 7? ›

Listed below are both the minimum and recommended system requirements for BlueStacks 5. OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above. Processor: Intel or AMD Processor. Storage: 5GB Free Disk Space.

Is BlueStacks 32-bit or 64 bit? ›

BlueStacks Version 4.200 – Play Both 64-bit and 32-bit Android Games Within the Same Client.

What is the size of BlueStacks 5? ›

Stable release5.1.0.1129 N32
Size527 MB
Available in48 languages
TypeAndroid Cloud gaming
5 more rows

How do I use BlueStacks on Windows 7? ›

Install BlueStacks and sign in to the Google Play Store to download and run Android apps on your laptop or desktop.
  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Select Download BlueStacks.
  3. Save, then run the downloaded file. ...
  4. BlueStacks should automatically start after it installs.
Dec 8, 2021

Which BlueStacks version is best? ›

Bottom line, both versions of BlueStacks will give you a great experience with State of Survival. However, if you want to enjoy this great game in the most efficient way possible, then BlueStacks 5 is definitely the way to go.

How can I run Android apps on my PC without BlueStacks? ›

In this article, we'll cover some of the popular methods to play mobile games or use android apps on PC without bluestack.
Here are the six effective ways that help you play your favorite android games on desktop.
  1. Google Chrome Extensions. ...
  2. Screen Mirroring Apps. ...
  3. Android SDK Emulator. ...
  4. Remix OS Player. ...
  5. MEmu Play. ...
  6. Nox Player.
Feb 17, 2022

How many MB is BlueStacks? ›

Compared to the 500 MB of BlueStacks 5, this corresponds to about a 50% reduction in RAM usage when multiboxing with the Instance Manager. However, both versions are about equal in CPU usage under the same circumstances.

How can I play Free Fire on Windows 7? ›

How to download and play Free Fire on PC or Laptop
  1. Download and Install BlueStacks on your PC, it's FREE.
  2. Complete Google Sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later.
  3. Look for Free Fire using the search bar on the top-right corner.
  4. Click to install Free Fire from the search results.
Sep 14, 2021

Can I run BlueStacks without graphics card? ›

The process to install BlueStacks without graphics card is not a big deal. You just need to tweak certain settings in the installation package and you will be able to install BlueStacks in 1 GB RAM as well. While, if you have good graphics card support you may be still facing installation error.

How many GB is BlueStacks? ›

Minimum system requirements

Storage: 5 GB Free Disk Space. You must be an Administrator on your PC. Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Which emulator is best for 2GB RAM PC? ›

SmartGaga Emulator:-

SmartGaGa Emulator is the best Android Emulator for 2GB Ram PC as it does not use many resources. SmartGaga Emulator is the best Android Emulator for FPS games like Garena Free Fire, Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty, etc.

What are the requirements to run BlueStacks? ›

What are the system requirements?
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Processor.
  • RAM: Your PC must have at least 4GB of RAM. ( ...
  • Storage: 5GB Free Disk Space.
  • You must be an Administrator on your PC.
  • Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.
May 13, 2022

Which version of BlueStacks is best for low end PC? ›

BlueStacks 4 manages to keep up in this aspect.

Bottom line, both versions of BlueStacks will give you a great experience with State of Survival. However, if you want to enjoy this great game in the most efficient way possible, then BlueStacks 5 is definitely the way to go.

Is Minecraft free on BlueStacks? ›

The PC edition of Minecraft usually costs at least 3 to 4 times more than the pocket edition. However, there is no need to pay that extra amount with Bluestacks at your fingertips and on your PC.

How can I play clash Royale on my PC? ›

Even though Clash Royale is a mobile game, you can play it on a PC.
Play Clash Royale on a PC
  1. Download and install Bluestacks onto your PC.
  2. Install Clash Royale as you normally would on your phone. Bluestacks works exactly the same way.
  3. Play the game.

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