Taking an Exposure History: What Are the Components of an Exposure History | Environmental Medicine (2023)

Part 1. Exposure Survey

  • Exposures
    • Current and past exposure to metals, dust, fibers, fumes, chemicals, biologic hazards, radiation, noise, and/or vibration,
    • Typical workday (job tasks, location, materials, and agents used),
    • Changes in routines or processes, and
    • Other employees or household members similarly affected.
  • Health and Safety Practices at Work Site
    • Ventilation,
    • Medical and industrial hygiene surveillance,
    • Employment exams,
    • Personal protective equipment (e.g., respirators, gloves, and coveralls),
    • Lockout devices, alarms, training, and drills,
    • Personal habits (Smoke and/or eat in work area?),
    • Wash hands with solvents?,
    • Shower before leaving work?,
    • Change shoes and clothing before leaving work?, and
    • Launder work clothing at work?

Part 2. Work History

  • Description of all previous jobs including short-term, seasonal, and part-time employment and military service, and
  • Description of present jobs.

Part 3. Environmental History

  • Present and previous home locations,
  • Present and previous daycare/school settings (as applicable),
  • Jobs of household members,
  • Home insulating and heating and cooling system,
  • Home cleaning agents,
  • Pesticide exposure,
  • Water supply (especially drinking water supply),
  • Recent renovation/remodeling,
  • Air pollution, indoor and outdoor,
  • Hobbies and recreational activities (e.g., painting, photography, sculpting, welding, woodworking, piloting, restoring automobiles, shooting firearms, creating stained glass, creating ceramics, soldering, and gardening),
  • Hazardous wastes/spill exposure,
  • Home ventilation/moisture control/flooding, and
  • Food source(s).


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