The Story Behind The 100% Magic Keyboard Compatible iPad Pro Case (2023)

We know it's been some time since the PITAKA team announced the MagEZ Case for iPad Pro. Since then, we've been working hard to get the case ready, and now we'd like to share what's been going on behind the production scenes of the 100% Magic Keyboard Compatible iPad Pro Case.

Why this time?

Earlier this March, Apple launched the newest iPad Pro and the all-new Magic Keyboard, which impressed many people, including the PITAKA team. We love how the tablet and Keyboard look and how they work together. As a pioneer of developing magnetic systems, we were excited to see Apple using magnets to produce innovative technology.

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Inspired by many PITAKA fans and Apple's innovation, we decided to make our first iPad Pro Case made from aramid fiber.

After researching the market, we discovered that there was still no case fully compatible with the Magic Keyboard. Although many iPad Pro cases are available, they need to be removed to attach the tablet to the Magic Keyboard magnetically. However, without a case, the iPad Pro is exposed to scratches, and more so without the Keyboard attached.

How Did We Make the Magic Keyboard compatible iPad Pro case?

We knew the iPad Pro case had to be extremely thin to fit seamlessly with the Keyboard, but when we first began designing, we had no idea just how thin until we completed our prototype back in May. Although the prototype only measured a mere 1.75mm, it was still not slim enough for the Magic Keyboard to close properly with the tablet.

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The thinner the case, the harder the manufacturing process.

While we're used to creating super-slim cases at PITAKA, we had never designed a product with a surface area as large as the iPad Pro.

To produce the case, we had to deal with the industry's long-standing challenge: to make sections of ultra-thin PC (polycarbonate) using injection molding over a large surface area.

Why don't we use aramid fiber to make the whole product? We can't embed magnets or the pins if the whole piece is made of aramid fiber due to the characteristics of the material. Then it won't work with the Magic Keyboard.

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First, we needed to find the proper injection molding machine. At home and abroad, we searched for an injection molding machine capable of producing the super-slim case. Once we found the machine, we completed numerous tests to adjust the mold to achieve our specifications.

Since thin cases are more susceptible to cracking, choosing a flexible material was essential. Besides, we needed a plastic with good fluidity to fill the mold.

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Depth Matters

But the thickness of the case is not the only thing on our mind. We also needed to take into consideration how deep the frame of the case should be. If it were too deep, then the Magic Keyboard would not fit seamlessly to the iPad Pro. If it were too narrow, then the case wouldn't offer enough protection for the iPad Pro.

We kept adjusting the mold and ran numerous tests to find the perfect balance.

What's a 100% Magic Keyboard Compatible iPad Pro case?

There are a few types of Magic Keyboard compatible iPad Pro cases on the market. We tested several other cases and found that they didn't quite tick all the boxes.

Some couldn't charge the iPad through the Keyboard's built-in USB-C port. On others, when we tried to close the Magic Keyboard, it wouldn't close fully, leaving a noticeable gap.

"We don't call that a Magic Keyboard compatible case," said our PITAKA project engineer.

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A Seamless Experience Using the MagEZ Case for iPad Pro

The case we designed and manufactured was thinner than those we had tested and was (eventually!) slim enough to close the Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro.

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PITAKA case sample vs. other brand’s case

We Don't Compromise on Quality

The three small magnetic contacts on the back of the case allow the charging of your iPad Pro through the Keyboard's USB-C port.

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PITAKA iPad Pro Case sample

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To ensure the iPad Pro could charge and send data using these contacts, we looked at several options, including spring contacts. Spring contacts have slow charging speeds and short life. They're also the easiest and cheapest choice for manufacturing. Although more challenging to implement into our design, we selected copper contacts, due to their long lifespan and ability to handle high-level currents.

With the PITAKA iPad Pro case, you can use both the tablet and Keyboard as they were designed to be used. When you're not using the Magic Keyboard, the iPad Pro is still protected. Attach it magnetically to the Keyboard when you are ready to type. Snap it shut when you finish.

Where Are We Now?

All good things take time, and although we've been working on the iPad Pro Case for a while, its launch date is just around the corner.

Since quality is always our top priority, we're in the final phase of our testing: accelerated life and reliability testing.


MagEZ Case for iPad Pro 2018&2020 is available now. To take advantage of our Pita!Flow for Tablets system to get the most out of you tablet, MagEZ Case 2 is recommended.

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And we've developed a charging case and stand for the iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro 2022/2021. By using the MagEZ Case Pro, you can snap your tablet to the MagEZ Charging Stand to enjoy hassle-free wireless charging while you work.


Do you need an iPad Pro case with a Magic Keyboard? ›

Although many iPad Pro cases are available, they need to be removed to attach the tablet to the Magic Keyboard magnetically. However, without a case, the iPad Pro is exposed to scratches, and more so without the Keyboard attached.

Does Magic Keyboard act as iPad case? ›

It can't fold flat as a folio case

You either use it as a laptop-thing, or fold it shut. iPads are sketchpads and readers, too, and you can't use the iPad easily for those purposes with the Magic Keyboard on. That means popping the case off (it attaches with magnets), and then you're left holding a naked iPad.

Do you still need a case with Magic Keyboard? ›

Once attached, you can use your iPad with the Magic Keyboard as though you're not using a case. The Keyboard can still charge your iPad through the USB-C port, and your iPad can charge the Apple Pencil as usual.

What is special about Apple Magic keyboard? ›

Magic Keyboard delivers a remarkably comfortable and precise typing experience. It's also wireless and rechargeable, with an incredibly long-lasting internal battery that will power your keyboard for about a month or more between charges.¹ It pairs automatically with your Mac, so you can get to work right away.

Can you put a case on iPad Pro and still use Magic Keyboard? ›

The SwitchEasy CoverBuddy is another good iPad Pro case that works with the Magic Keyboard. Available in black and white colors to match the Magic keyboard style, the Switch Easy CoverBuddy is a patented case that works with the Magic Keyboard without issues.

Is the Apple Magic Keyboard a protective case? ›

The versatile two-piece design includes a detachable keyboard and a protective back panel that both attach magnetically to iPad. An adjustable stand offers smooth, continuous viewing. And the Magic Keyboard Folio helps iPad stay protected wherever you go.

What is the difference between Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio? ›

The main difference between the two keyboards is that the Magic Keyboard features a trackpad, while the Smart Keyboard Folio does not. This means users will need to connect a Bluetooth mouse or rely on the iPad's touch screen for navigation.

Can you put a case on an iPad with a smart keyboard? ›

As you will see, it's quite easy to spot the case that support Smart Keyboard for iPad and iPad Air. It usually has a long cutout on its side. It's where the Smart Keyboard attaches to the iPad and connects via Smart Connector. You can use such a case with or without Smart Keyboard.

Do keyboard cases need foam? ›

The Benefits of Keyboard Foam

So, keyboard foam reduces the space in the board and reduces this unwanted hollow sound. Foam mitigates unwanted case ping, which is the high-pitched reverberation caused by typing in a stock metal case. Additionally, the keyboard sounds notably deeper and fuller overall.

Why should I buy a Magic Keyboard with an iPad? ›

The Magic Keyboard is an amazing companion for iPad Pro and iPad Air. It features a great typing experience, a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPadOS, a USB‑C port for pass‑through charging, and front and back protection.

Why is it called Magic Keyboard? ›

The most important part of any keyboard case is the keyboard, and I am happy to report that it is good. Apple calls this the Magic Keyboard, which, in part, is meant to let you know that it uses the same scissor-switch mechanism you'll find on its other Magic Keyboards for the iMac and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

How many versions of Apple Magic Keyboard are there? ›

Apple refers to multiple keyboard products in its lineup as a Magic Keyboard. Those include the Bluetooth keyboard with Touch ID, the keyboard found in MacBooks, the iPad Pro keyboard, and the folio keyboard for the 10.9-inch iPad.

How do I not lose my Apple Pencil with Magic Keyboard? ›

Use an iPad Smart Keyboard or a case

If you're using a Smart Keyboard with your iPad Pro, you may find it can help you to avoid losing your Apple pencil. The keyboard is slightly magnetic along the left-hand edge, and the Apple Pencil will just about cling on.

How does Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro work? ›

The keyboard itself attaches magnetically and wraps around the front and back of the ‌iPad‌ and it is flush with the ‌iPad‌ when closed, but when open, the back part of the keyboard case angles forward to attach to the area in front of the keyboard, leaving the ‌iPad Pro‌ floating in the air above the keyboard portion.

Does the Magic Keyboard scratch screen? ›

None made for Apple will harm the screen.

Can you flip Magic Keyboard around? ›

You can also flip the keyboard around so that the keys aren't exposed: Detach the keyboard from your iPad. Flip the keyboard around 180 degrees so that it's facing away from you. Reattach the keyboard to your iPad with the Smart Connector.

Is Magic Keyboard even worth it? ›

The Magic Keyboard – while expensive – is the best addition you can possibly bless your tablet with. The trackpad is a game-changer; the keyboard works great; the additional port is a godsend, and it makes the whole thing feel like a more premium experience.

Is Magic Keyboard better than butterfly? ›

The Magic Keyboard replaced the Butterfly Keyboard in 2020. The Magic Keyboard used an improved scissor-switch mechanism, making it more durable and reliable.

Does the smart folio case work with the Magic Keyboard? ›

Want to use a keyboard with your iPad? Connect your iPad to Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard and you can use familiar keys to copy, paste, format, and more. iPad (10th generation) works with the Smart Folio for iPad (10th generation).

How long does Magic Keyboard last? ›

The Magic Keyboard battery should last for about a month based on a full charge. When it's not in use, it goes into a low power mode so that it uses less battery life while still enabling you to re-use it by tapping the keyboard any time you need to start using it again.

What is the build quality of Magic Keyboard? ›

The Apple Magic Keyboard has a very small footprint since it's a compact (75%) keyboard. However, there's also a full-size variant with a numeric keypad available. The build quality is remarkable. It has a rigid aluminum chassis that's both very lightweight and sturdy-feeling.

When was the latest Magic Keyboard released? ›

Magic Keyboard (Mac), a wireless keyboard released by Apple in 2015. Magic Keyboard for iPad, a wireless keyboard with an integrated trackpad for use in iPads with a Smart Connector, released in 2020.

Is a plastic case for a keyboard good? ›

While plastic is the most common material to make a keyboard case out of, it is by no means the best. A lot of people describe the experience of typing on a plastic keyboard as rattily or unstable. The key strokes have more bounce to them and overall do not feel as sturdy.

What does plate foam do to your keyboard? ›

Plate Foam and Case Foam can be used to lessen these unwanted sounds, and are traditionally placed in the case, and on the keyboard's plate for maximum effectiveness. These foams are usually made out of EVA or neoprene as they offer efficient sound dampening qualities.

Does foam make a keyboard quieter? ›

Adding foam inside your keyboard is another great way to reduce the vibration of your keyboard which in turn lowers the overall volume. Vibration = noise and noise is the enemy of a silent keyboard.

How long does iPad Magic Keyboard last? ›

The Magic Keyboard will work for as long as the attached iPad has battery, or is otherwise connected to a power source.

What powers the iPad Magic Keyboard? ›

The USB-C port on Magic Keyboard provides power, but it doesn't transmit data.

Are there different versions of the Magic Keyboard? ›

Keyboards that come bundled with the iMac M1 also have a color-matched aluminum finish. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad (A2520) was available initially only in silver with white keys. In March 2022, a version with black keys was introduced alongside the launch of the Mac Studio.

Is Apple Magic Keyboard backlit? ›

How to Turn On Backlighting on iPad Magic Keyboard. Of course you can turn on the iPad Magic Keyboard backlighting by going back to the same slider and adjusting the slider all the way to the right, or somewhere in the middle, depending on your preferences.

Is Magic Keyboard a scissor keyboard? ›

The updated Magic Keyboard has essentially the same scissor-switch mechanism but instead of the plastic joints, all the joints are now the glass-reinforced-plastic (known as glass-filled nylon). This makes the traditional old design more durable.

What is the latest Magic Keyboard? ›

Apple today launched the Magic Keyboard Folio, an all-new accessory for the 10th-generation iPad that features a kickstand, trackpad, keyboard with 1mm of travel, and a function key row.

Is the Apple Magic keyboard Bluetooth? ›

Magic Keyboard, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad work wirelessly via Bluetooth when turned on and paired with your Mac. If the device came in the box of your new Mac, it should already be paired with that Mac, and it automatically connects when you turn on the device.

Does the iPad air with Magic Keyboard need a case? ›

Do you need a case if you have Magic Keyboard? An iPad case is not necessary if you are careful enough and only use your iPad at home.

Can I use the Magic Keyboard on my lap? ›

You can happily use the Magic Keyboard Folio on your lap. It rests comfortably, you can still angle it to any degree you like, and it's perfectly stable while bashing away on that lovely keyboard.

Does iPad keyboard case have a battery? ›

Smart Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio don't require batteries or external power.


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